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The K-800 professional upright piano, an industry leader, embodies Kawai's long-standing legacy, combining old-world craftsmanship with bold innovation to deliver ultimate piano performance. The revolutionary Millennium III Upright Action offers ultra-responsive touch and feel, providing pianists with extraordinary dynamic range and control. Additionally, its majestic cabinet design features sleek lines and delicate accents that will enhance any room. Built with performance in mind, the K-800 upright piano from the K series will meet all the musical requirements of a professional teaching studio or a smaller performance venue.

The grand-piano-style music rack with a robust finish

The grand-piano-style music rack with a robust finish is an exquisite and functional addition to the grand piano's design. Crafted from premium materials, it exudes elegance while providing strong support for sheet music during performances. Adjustable to accommodate various sheet music sizes, this music rack offers pianists comfort and flexibility, making it a refined and practical enhancement to the grand piano experience.


Millennium III Upright Action

Millennium III Upright Action features components made of ABS-Carbon, a composite material created by the infusion of carbon fibre into our renowned ABS Styran. ABS-Carbon is incredibly sturdy and rigid, which allows the creation of action parts that are lighter without sacrificing strength. The result is a stronger, faster action that offers more power, better control and greater stability than conventional all-wood actions. 

Extended Key Length

Longer keys make playing easier and provide more even response from the front to the back of the playing surface. The benefits to the player are greater control and more power with less effort.


Tapered Soundboard made of Solid Spruce

The soundboard is the heart of a piano. Its purpose is to transform the vibrations of the piano’s strings into a rich, resounding tone. Kawai uses only straight-grained, quarter-sawn solid spruce for K Series soundboards. Each soundboard is strategically tapered to maximize its tone producing capability. Only those that meet or exceed our demanding quality standards are selected for use in our professional upright pianos.


The hammers

Mahogany wood core & T-stapled, double felted hammers

Mahogany hammer mouldings are lightweight and extremely responsive. Found on only the finest pianos, mahogany is used for the hammer mouldings on the entire line of K Series Professional Upright Pianos. All K Series hammers are T-Stapled to preserve hammer shape and fitted with an added interior layer of underfelt to support the creation of exceptional tone.

Full Duplex Scale

The "Full Duplex Scale," which encompasses both the upper and lower sections, is a remarkable feature that enhances harmonics in the high range, adding captivating brightness and richness to the piano's tone. This innovative technology involves meticulous calculations and precise string positioning to optimize their interaction with the primary vibrating portion of the strings, allowing specific harmonics to resonate freely and enhance the instrument's sonic complexity. As a result, the high notes of the piano are imbued with a vibrant and sparkling quality, captivating listeners with their expressive and dynamic character. The "Full Duplex Scale" opens up a world of sonic possibilities, allowing pianists to explore and create music with an instrument that is truly incomparable in its beauty and versatility.

Sostenuto pedals

The middle pedal is the sostenuto pedal, as found on a grand piano; the practice or celeste rail is activated by a lever under the lower end of the keyboard. When depressed, it sustains only the notes played at that precise moment, allowing subsequent notes to be played without sustain. This feature proves useful in complex musical passages where some notes need to be sustained while others are played with different dynamics. By selectively sustaining certain notes, the sostenuto pedal gives pianists the ability to create nuanced and controlled sound, offering an extended range of expression and articulation in their performances. Its presence is a valuable tool for pianists seeking to elevate their musical interpretations and enrich their playing experience.

The agraffes

Agraffes play an essential role in ensuring precision in the alignment, spacing and angles of the strings in a piano, leading to greater uniformity, improved tone, smoother tuning and a consistent "speaking length" for each note. These small but important metal pieces are strategically placed along the piano's soundboard to hold the strings in position and ensure their correct alignment. By holding the strings firmly in place, the clips prevent any unwanted vibration or sympathetic resonance that might disrupt the piano's overall clarity and tonal balance. What's more, staples contribute to smoother, more precise tuning, as they help stabilize string tension and maintain their proper spacing. As a result, pianists can enjoy a more balanced, harmonious sound across the entire keyboard, enabling greater precision and expression in their musical interpretations.

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